NEW DELHI: A Former Congress Union minister and Member of Parliament Aslam Sher Khan wrote a letter to Congress President Rahul Gandhi asking to be made a ‘provisional’ President for two years to revive and repair the party.

News Agency ANI first reported this story on the 7th of June, 2019 where Mr Khan was reported defending the Congress President’s efforts saying “he left no stone unturned but the narrative of the Congress simply failed to connect with the people and they again went with Narendra Modi.”, as told to ANI.

The Former Minister’s suggestion however is in contradiction with the fact that the rules of the Congress Working Committee that elects the President has no provision for electing a ‘Provisional’ President. The process of electing a Congress President is a transparent one allowing any member of the party to stand for the elections. A process in which the Gandhi family members Sonia and Rahul Gandhi have been winning virtually unopposed.

The former Minister’s suggestion, however, marks a conscious shift in the central ethos of the Congress core committees and groups suggesting that an era where the President of the party was directly run by a Gandhi family supremo may now be under question.